Goretti Niklaus

Victoria Fitness26

gorettiHello I’m Goretti Niklaus and being a Pilate’s instructor is the core of who I am.

I am so happy that I get to spend my time teaching Pilates, I have been a Pilates Instructor for almost 3 years.  I am a BASI certified Pilates Mat instructor and I absolutely love seeing how people’s bodies transform when attending my classes by getting stronger, toned and more flexible also just feeling good about how they feel.

The other privilege I have is to re-train people with back pain and other injuries thanks to Pilates being so versatile.

Both young and old, men and women including children are welcome to join my fitness journey.

 “In ten sessions you will feel the difference.  In twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a whole new body.” – Joseph Pilates  

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