Hannes Schoeman


hannesI have more than 5 years of fitness experience, both internationally and locally. I’m familiar with the conventional type of fitness training like, weight loss, muscle gain, high intensity training, ‘boot camps’, group training and classes like yoga, spinning and pilates. I have instructed in more than 100 hours of yoga, spinning and pilates.

My passion however lies in sport. With more than 480 hours (3 years) in coaching, administration and physical activity in Squash, Hockey, Cricket, Swimming and Gymnastics, I now specialize in sport specific functional training in golf, squash and tennis. I have been training professional and recreational golfers for the last year and a half and I’m also the proud trainer of 3 top ten squash players in SA.

In my younger days I participated in cricket, rugby, hockey and athletics.

Since 2002 I started to play squash competitively.

I’m a Provincial squash player and currently play first league in the Gauteng squash league.

Has been ranked no. 6 in University of Pretoria (2005-2008) and has been ranked 4th in the University of Johannesburg 2013.

Recent achievements in Squash includes:

. 2014 Gauteng closed – A section number 12 (out of 48) . 2014 Jarvis – C-section player (Beat Tami Mngcete, nr. 50 in SA) . 2014 South African Nationals – Lost in the Semi finals of the first plate. (finished number 27 of 32).

. 2014 Prince Grand Prix – Won the B-section (Ranking nr. 17 out of 56 male players).


Honors degree, Bachelors in Sport Science from University of Johannesburg

(RSA) Degree, Bachelors in Sport Science at the University of Pretoria (RSA) Titleist Performance Institute Certified (2014, The leading golf fitness institution in the world) Level 1 Squash coach First Aid Level 1 Middle, long distance and steeplechase running Level 1 coach (ASA Athletics) Introduction to Massage Strapping Course Rock Climbing trained through SACA