Jake Pinkus


JakeI am a qualified personal trainer and Chinese Martial arts coach. Received 3rd Dan wei in Chinese Wushu/Kung Fu. Represented SA at 2 world champs and came top 10 + trained with Beijing,+ Israels Olympic “A”  (Wushu) team. Furthered my studies through UJ and qualified in undergrad Human Movement science and Sport psyc which is undergrad for Biokenetics, Sport Science and Sport Psyc. Have been a Personal Trainer for over 5 years. Producing 3 Gold medalists at nationals and helping 100s of individuals through science of the body. My moto- “use it or loose it”. I run my own gym called TTMA High performance centre and also work at a gym called Life Force Fitness !   Specialize in- Sport specific, Plyometric (explosive training), rehab, Strength and conditioning, weight loss, bulking and flexibility training.

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