Marcio Ribeiro


MarcioMy name is Marcio Ribeiro and i am a 22 year old Portuguese health and fitness enthusiast born and raised in South Africa. My love for Martial arts began in my early stages of life through my father as he has always been affiliated with martial arts. At the age of twelve i started Jujitsu and practiced the art for two years. I then started the Korean Military Martial Art of Taekwon-Do at the age of sixteen and I am currently ranked a second Degree Black Belt. When i received my first Degree Black Belt in 2011 I became a junior black belt instructor and I am in the process of opening my own academy in the hopes to reach out to the youth and empower the less fortunate.

In 2013 I came across the skill of Calisthenics and begun my self taught journey. In combining my Martial Art teachings with Calisthenics skills I achieved top 24 in the Street Workout World Cup stage in Johannesburg, 2014, with no formal training.

In relation I am an aspiring actor and film director with a passion for art culture and music and I am studying Visual Multimedia at the University of South Africa. I have achieved numerous awards in modelling as well as attained my National Modelling Diploma.

Having learned various training methods and disciplines from my Martial Arts background, Calisthenics and my love for creativeness and art, I feel I will bring a unique element to exercise and training.”

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