Claire Baxter


Hi, I am Claire Baxter, a 30 years old qualified personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur.

My life has always centred around fitness of some sorts – swimming and water polo in school, and thereafter more strength and conditioning focused. I initially qualified as a commercial pilot, which as you can imagine is a very stressful field to work in. This is where I found focusing on my physical health and wellness was imperative for my mental performance.

I enjoyed the training and the positive impact that it had on my life so much so, that at the end of 2017 I left aviation and studied my personal Training Diploma through Trifocus Fitness Academy, and qualified in 2018 as a personal trainer.

Since then my goal has been to impact busy professionals lives’ in a healthy, positive manner. I have worked in small private gyms, building up my clientele, which has mainly been busy, working moms and their husbands, and young and upcoming professionals with very little time on their hands. I now have my own business, specialising in physical fitness both online and in person. Building and maintaining lean muscle mass both in the gym or at home has been my specialty.

I have trained clients all over the world, from Germany to the DRC through an online platform. I also do group training and one-on-one sessions. All programs have been customised to suit the client and their needs.

I plan on further growing my business by partnering up with fellow professionals in the health wellness industry, having a positive impact on as many people as we can. I believe that by joining the Burnt Fit Team I will be able to reach and help that many more women.

My clients have called me the “Cute Terminator” – meaning I’ll give them a tough workout but I’m not the type to bark and scream at them to get the job done. I believe encouragement and fierce support is the way to get the job done. So often people under estimate their potential and capabilities, and they just need someone to believe in them to realize their own potential.