Cyril Moshoeshoe


I have aspirations of growing my Fitness Brand and gaining recognition for my work. My main Fitness goal is to open my own Health and Fitness Centre and help individuals live healthier lifestyles. I am passionate about Health and Fitness, really love what I do.


To me there is nothing more rewarding than seeing results from my clients, it is the most satisfying reward I can ever ask for. I am one Trainer who has a strong work ethic and I also walk the talk. I built a name for my brand due to my work ethic, it allows me to attract potential clients. My brand represents me (Integrity) and stands for everything that I believe in within the Health and Fitness Industry.


I won Personal Trainer of the month in my 3rd month as Personal Trainer at Virgin Active. I am also constantly taking short fitness courses, as there are always new trends in the industry.


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