Damien Seid


DamienI’m Damien Seid Fitness 26 instructor, Co-creator of Fitness 26. I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and specialise in all types of fitness. I am a master personal trainer and have helped some of South Africa’s top echelon get into the shape that they want. I believe that everyone deserves to have access to a personal trainer and that belief is what inspired me to create Fitness26, a place where everyone and anyone can afford full access to a personal trainer. Gone are the days of paying too much for gym memberships and in-home personal trainers. Gone are the days of over-priced online personal trainers who only care about sending generic exercise plans for hundreds of Dollars. We at Fitness26 are dedicated to helping the world get into shape, get access to proper eating plans and speak to a personal trainer all for less than the cost of a gym membership.

Get fit with us, watch our videos and get involved as part of the Fitness26 team.

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