Nathalie Mat


Nathalie MatI understand that we live in a world with fast food and time constraints and endeavor to find a way to help anyone improve their health, one mouthful at a time. I am both an avid cook as well as an adventurous eater and I love exploring the different cuisines and flavors of our globe. This means I am able to create meal plans that are appetizing to most palates, cultures and religions.

As a clinical dietitian working in private practice, I have experience working in public and private hospitals. I have worked as a nutrition consultant to the nutrition industry and health sector and I also enjoy working with the media to spread the message of healthy eating.

I like working with a wide range of clients and have three key areas of interest namely: women’s health and nutrition, child and adolescent nutrition and non-communicable diseases of lifestyle (such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer). I use up-to-date research and guidelines to shape my work. I view the role of a dietitian as a facilitator, translating new research and scientific information into realistic and practical lifestyle changes for my clients.

I prefer a food first approach. This means that I believe in getting most nutrients from food first and only using supplements where the person has a deficiency, the diet is deficient or if a person has greatly increased requirements.

I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. I am currently the Chair of the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) Gauteng South Branch. I am also an international member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and I am registered with the Discovery Vitality Network.

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