Nikki Vacy


NikkiMy name is Nikki Vacy – Lyle and my fitness journey started in 2009. Since then I have done road and trail running, soccer,  action soccer, pole dancing, aerial yoga and I am also somewhat of a gym bunny. I started pole fitness in 2012 and have been hooked ever since! A family member asked me to join her  and although I was apprehensive at first due to the stigma of strippers, I learnt not only is this sensual and elegant, but it is a damn good full body workout as well. My pole dancing instructor and studio owner , Bronwyn Waite of Nouveau Dance studio in Kwazulu Natal finally talked me into doing my first competition last year (2014) in a category called Pole Tricks where I obtained a gold medal with 95%. I absolutely love this sort and look forward to competing more  in the future. The fitness and strength that pole dancing has given me has helped me gain more confidence in myself as well as in my abilities

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