Flu fighting tea

Flu fighting tea

Flu fighting tea recipe.

it’s flu season, again. And while everyone stocks up on cold and flu medication I keep reminding myself, “It’s not the germ, it’s the terrain”.

This saying, which I learned from a former professor, is one I repeat to all of my clients, friends and family. It means that by building a healthy body and immune system, germs will not be able to survive and make us sick. Being preventative creates an environment that germs don’t want to live in.

With winter fast approaching, our immune systems may need a bit of help in order to fight off any bad germs. Forget about the store-bought solutions. Everything you need to fight and prevent the flu is already sitting in your kitchen. Try this ‘tried and tested’ tea if you are feeling any flu – like symptoms. Be sure to share this with all your friends and family and get rid of those flu symptoms.

Here is what you will need;


3 or 4 thin slices of fresh organic ginger root

3 tablespoons organic lemon juice, fresh squeezed

3 tablespoons organic lemon juice, fresh squeezed

1/2 teaspoon organic ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon organic ground clove

Cayenne pepper to taste

1 bag good quality organic echinacea tea(optional)

Flu fighting tea


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