Guilt free Banana Ice Cream

Guilt free Banana Ice Cream

Guilt free Banana Ice Cream recipe:

Another delicious dessert post for you. But this time it’s healthy. Seriously.

No sugar. No dairy. This recipe really only requires one ingredient plus one or two others if you want to add some flavor. Are you ready?

Frozen banana.

By some crazy miracle, when you blend frozen banana in the food processor, it turns into the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. Really! Because everyone loves ice cream this recipe is something you can feel good about eating, even though it tastes just like ice cream. Genius. Kids and adults alike will love this and you can feed it to the kids guilt free as there is no added sugar. Impress everyone at your next dinner party with this yummy ice cream.

Here is what you will need:


3-4 bananas, sliced and frozen (slice before freezing)

A spoonful of peanut butter

2-3 tsp. cocoa powder


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